Golden Border Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Golden Border Whisky: A friend in need is a friend indeed

The Golden Border Whisky price is nothing compared with what a great companion this drink is. The following story will illustrate its value better than any review.

There was a great publican named Vivaan in our city. No-one called him a publican though. People just called him “friend”. Whatever issue you faced, his pub was where you went.

An expensive-looking young man comes. He has just been sacked as a bank manager. “Work is like a yo-yo,” Vivaan says, pouring a glass of whisky. “Spin it out, and it will spin itself back. There are so many things that are more important than a career.”

Hours later, you see the young man flirting with a girl in the corner. Both look like models on a fashion website. They will soon become a couple at this rate.

A mature lady comes. Her husband has told her he is in love with another woman. “I must be really ugly,” she says, with tears in her eyes.

“Your husband must be an idiot,” Vivaan remarks, crashing ice cubes to make a whisky cocktail. “You are one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot.”

A local policeman comes. His partner has been shot during a sting operation. “They say everyone who dies for justice goes to heaven. You friend was a good man. He should be alright,” Vivaan says. For the policeman, drinks are at no cost today.

Selling beverages made in different parts of the world was how Vivaan kept going. But anytime he had to cheer up a customer, he used just one: the Golden Border Whisky.

The Golden Border Whisky’s recipe is strong enough to ignite faith in the future, restore self-confidence and wash the pain away.


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