Gorbatschow Vodka Price

Gorbatschow Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Gorbatschow Vodka, what does this name suggest you? Our minds at once creep into Russia where many Gorbatschows have lived and died. But, now it doesn’t come from Russia. It’s from Berlin, Germany. How the brand name was connected to Russia is yet another story. Anyway, this leading brand of Vodka is often associated with a real feeling that you would get from any kind of quality liquor.

Are you a lover of fruit juices and aerated drinks? No matter. You can lavishly mix this liquor with such liquids as fruit juices. It would give you a thrilling experience that pleases your all five senses.

How do you rate this in one of the favoritesites?Whatever the rating is, I’m sure it would be one of the best written in favor of Gortbaschow Vodka. Are you worrying over the Gorbatschow Vodka price now? Please don’t. Its costs only 14$. So, it wouldn’t be a big loss to your purse.

There’s a specialty in the way of producing Gorbatschow Vodka. It’s doubly filtered over charcoal. So, the purity of the drink doubtlessly ideal. Will you be a worshipper of this ever cherished drink? I’m sure you’d surely do. Gorbatschow Vodka is such a cute celebrity. Anyway, do you have any doubts of its taste, effect or of the feeling it would bring you? If you do please have a single sip. Then you’ll realize how it works well on you. It is that good.

This smooth drink can be pointed at any liquor store due to its blue label. Many Vodka lovers have given this brand very high ratings in web sites. Reviews more often show that this is one of the world’s top sellers. The vodka drinkers all over the world go for this ever loved brand. So, rush to enjoy it.

Gorbatschow Vodka Price - Cost - Review




Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi


 Gorbatschow Vodka 750ml Rs. 662.00
Gorbatschow Vodka 375ml Rs. 331.00
Gorbatschow Vodka 180ml Rs. 179.00

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi

Gorbatschow Vodka 375ml Rs. 265.00
 Gorbatschow Vodka 750ml Rs. 530.00
 Gorbatschow Vodka 60ml Rs. 45.00
 Gorbatschow Vodka 90ml Rs. 65.00
Gorbatschow Vodka Green Apple 180ml Rs. 140.00
Gorbatschow Vodka Green Apple 750ml Rs. 560.00
Gorbatschow Vodka Orange 180ml Rs. 140.00
Wodka Gorbatschow Vodka Orange 750ml Rs. 560.00

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