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Havana Club Rum Price – Cost – Review

Havana Club Rum Price – The Havana Club Rum brand was established by Jos? Arechabala in 1878. Havana Club is rum prepared in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba. After the Cuban rebellion of 1959, the distillery and company was nationalized by the Cuban government; then, the Arechabala family left for Spain, then go into exile to the United States.Since 1994 it has been formed by Havana Club International, a 50:50 joint endeavor between Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.Grades of Havana Club Rum
1.A?ejo 15 A?os (15 Years)
The Havana Club A?ejo 15 A?os Gran Reserva has an alcohol content of 40% ABV. It is created by constantly blending and maturing chosen rums and aguardientes in old oak casks that add that delicate touch of tannin.

This unique ageing process liberates the aromas and flavor and gives that extra softness that is the top mark of acme quality rum.

2.Cuban Barrel Proof
Cuban Barrel Proof is bottled directly from the barrel. The alcohol content is slightly higher than A?ejo 15 A?os at 45% ABV. It is blended by Don Jos? Navarro then “finished” in younger oak casks to restore its oak aroma and bouquet. The casks are then opened and the set of rum is bottled.

3.M?ximo Extra A?ejo
M?ximo Extra A?ejo was proclaimed in November 2006 by Pernod Ricard, whose marketers labelled it new “ultra-premium extra-aged rum”. It has an alcohol content of 40% ABV.

This Rum is intermingling of many different ages of rum, frequently blended among fresh sugarcane distillate and then further aged. The last act of blending, the “toque” produces the finished product.

Havana Club Rum Price - Cost - Review

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