Haywards Black Beer

Haywards Black Beer

Haywards Black Beer India?s first true stout beer , is handcrafted from a affluent blend of the world famed Caledon vale dark roasted barley malt beside with a mixture of imported and locally created light malts.New Zealand?s wonderful alpha hops provide Haywards Black a sole and agreeably sour taste with a hop like odor. The Dark Roasted malt provides a rich shady coloring along with a exclusive smoky savor and aroma.
Haywards Black Beer
The sluggish brewing procedure which integrates particularly managed yeast forms the creamy head and the affluent smooth flavor that stout is so much loved for.Haywards Black is prepared under the exceptional care of famous brew masters with numerous years of brewing proficiency and rich experience from the SABMiller stable, one of the main brewing companies in the world with a brewing legacy of above a hundred years.

Country: India
Kind: Stout
Alcohol by volume: 8%
Taste: Rich froth with a thick touch, strong flavor and full pleasing taste with a intimation of caramel
Malts: Black Malt roasted in a coffee cask

Colour: Black
Availability: Choice markets of India
Fermentation procedure: Bottom-fermented
Serving temperature:4 ?C
Casing: 650 ml and 330 ml glass bottle

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Haywards Black Beer 330 ml Rs. 40.00

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