Hobsons XR Brandy price

Hobsons XR Brandy Price – Cost – Review

Brandy is quite similar like wine, but it has got little more alcohol contents than wine which is usually prepared after distilling wine and aged in wooden casks. Brandy is classically said as after dinner drink. We are going to reveal about one of the best brandy, it is ‘Hobsons XR Brandy’.  This review would give the best information about the Hobson brandy.

Hobsons Brandy is world’s first XR brandy, is now available at select outlets in Goa. Hobsons XR is a French grape brandy with an amazing taste.  The taste of the brandy starts with floral notes, with an opening nose of vanilla flavor, honey and prune that evolves to smooth wine. It gives you the pleasant sweetness in the drink with the characteristic feature of sweet oak accents.

And the finishing of this brandy will be awesome with a satin smooth, relaxed fade. Bestowed with a revered extraction and backed by an equally legendary status, the House of Bardinet has set the standard in creating the perfect French grape brandy. It is well to be served either along with dinner or after dinner. It gives you warm welcome with the taste of French ripped grapes.

Right from hand-picking the choicest of grapes from the finest winery in France to distilling the spirits and growing them for 3 years in fine oak casks, Hobsons XR weaves its persistent magic on the discerning palate. Sure enough, Hobsons XR promises to be a Connoisseur’s Delight.

Hobsons brandy is very easy to get. Check out with your nearest liquor stores and get your bottle and start up with throwing a best dinner party tonight with Hobson’s Brandy. Hobsons XR brandy price is not a big thing, it is reasonable so that everyone could enjoy the taste. It is perfect drink for dinner!!

Hobsons Brandy Price – Cost – Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

   Hobsons XR Brandy 750ml Rs. 1889.00
   Hobsons XR Brandy 180ml Rs. 460.00

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