Kingfisher Beer Rate

How does kingfisher beer tastes like ?

Kingfisher Premium Beer: Comes in pale golden colour with the smell of grains and malt on the nose. Very light bodied with some crispy feel at the taste. The finish gives you complete refreshness with slight bitter taste.

Kingfisher Strong Beer: Clear yellow coloured beer starting up with the aroma of corn and malt, very tasty beer with the touch of skunk, malt and wheat. It contains average 8% of alcohol. The finish is quite dry.

Kingfisher Blue Beer: Golden colour beer with strong white head. On the nose, starts with the aroma of mild malt taste. Mellow sweetness taste on the sip with some hints of caramel, quick refreshing. Finish is moderate. Better to taste with spicy dishes.

Kingfisher Draught Beer: Slightly dark in colour with pleasant aroma like creamed corn, on the sip tastes quite like tangy and bit of grassy at the finish.

Kingfisher Ultra Beer: Deep yellow in color with the aroma of raw grains and corn along with hints of rice notes, some touch of grassiness at the finish.

Kingfisher Ultra Max Beer: A rich tasting beer comes in golden color, said as the premium beer with the aroma of bread, cereal and bit of citrus. On the sip, contains the taste of peach flavor and grassy bitterness at the finish.


About Kingfisher Beer Rate : It is available in a fair price across the  country in almost every bars and liquor stores. Best for the party time and complete refresher; try out with these different variants.

Kingfisher Beer Rate

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