Royal Stag whisky

How much do you know about Royal Stag whisky

Royal Stag is one of the best Indian whisky brand which was launched in India in the year 1995 by the influence of Canadian liquor Seagram. Royal Stag whisky is well-known for its superiority taste without adding up any artificial flavours. It is one of the most top selling whisky brand in India and has wide demand all over the Globe. Its sales have been kept increased in every year whereas it increased 1.3 million cases when compared with 2013 to 2014.

Royal Stag comes in a very reasonable price and available in almost all the liquor stores. The tagline on the image of Royal Stag “It’s your life, Make it large” clearly shows that it encourages you to reach your goal. Try out this best Indian whisky at least once in your lifetime.

Royal Stag whisky

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