How to Drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

The advice to “shut up and drink it” should probably be a printed instruction on the label. To properly enjoy this scotch, forget the water, forget the ice, don’t refrigerate it, and don’t mix it with anything. Pour two fingers into a nice whisky glance and just drink it neat.

There are those who would say that all scotch should be consumed neat, but whether you believe that or not, it’s especially important with a blend of this kind. Blends have a variety of flavors that you can experience, and those flavors can get masked or confused when you mix the scotch with anything, even water.

Another key factor in drinking Johnnie Walker Blue is choosing the occasion. As a more sophisticated and expensive scotch, you probably don’t want to just break out a bottle when you’re sitting on the porch watching mosquitoes suck the alcohol from your veins. Or maybe you do. But most people like to save this pricey scotch for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday

How to Drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

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