Drink Tequila With Salt & Lemon

Drink Tequila With Salt & Lemon by using these steps

Step 1

Cut a lemon into wedges. Rinse a shot glass and shake off the excess water. Sprinkle kosher salt onto a plate. Turn the shot glass upside down on the plate and coat its rim with salt; the salt adheres to the shot glass more easily when it is damp. You can also use plain table salt, but white, flaky kosher salt dissolves more quickly in the mouth and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing look if you’re preparing shots for a party.

Step 2

Alternatively, sprinkle salt on the wedge between your thumb and index finger instead of around the shot glass rim. Traditionally, the salt’s only purpose is to cut the sweetness of the tequila, so it doesn’t matter which way it ends up on your tongue. Fill the shot glass with tequila.

Step 3

Drink the shot of tequila in one gulp. Lick the salt off your hand quickly, if that’s the method you use, and suck the lemon wedge in short succession.

How to Drink Tequila With Salt & Lemon?



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