How to drink Whiskey

How to Drink Whiskey

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that is distilled and made from fermented grain mash. Several different grains are used to make different whiskey varieties, and aged in wooden casks. Whiskey is produced and consumed in countries all over the world. Some people prefer to drink whiskey neat, with no ice or extra additions. Other people prefer to add water or other mixers. However you like it, drink whiskey slowly so you can enjoy the taste.
How to drink Whiskey
Steps guiding how to drink whiskey
Step 1: Select a quality whiskey.
Do not worry drinking the cheapest whiskey you can find. To enjoy your drink, buy a brand with a good reputation. It does not have be the most expensive whiskey on the market. Talk to bartenders or the salespeople in your liquor store. They can suggest mid-range whiskey with a good taste.Step2: Add whiskey to a cocktail.
If you are new to whiskey tasting, prefer a cocktail that has the spirit in it, but will not overwhelm you with its strong taste. You might want to start with a whiskey sour, until you get familiarized to the taste. Once you build a taste for it, try cocktails that are heavier on the whiskey, such as Manhattans, which includes vermouth, or Godfathers, which includes amaretto.Step3: Try whiskey with water.
Instead of a mixer, use water to dilute the whiskey. This will keep the taste controllable, and it will also release more flavors and scents to the drink.

Step4: Have a whiskey on the rocks.
When you are ready for some straight whiskey, try it over ice. Fill up a glass with ice and pour the whiskey into the glass. Taste it chilled. Whiskey flavors may taste different to you when you consume it chilled instead of at room temperature.

Step5: Try drinking whiskey neat.
Taste the whiskey at room temperature, with not anything added to it. The taste will likely be more strong than when you have it with water, ice or other ingredients.
1.Smell the whiskey. Before drinking, smell the whiskey and inhale the aroma. Taste and smell are related, and you will be preparing your taste buds and your mouth for the drink while you smell it.
2.Sip the whiskey. Take small sips and swirl the liquid around your mouth before you swallow. You should taste several flavors, including vanilla, caramel, and smoky and spicy elements. Do not gulp the whiskey.
3.Savor the whiskey. This drink has a high alcohol content, so enjoy it slowly. Drink it while relaxing, and give yourself time between each sip to reflect on it.

Step6: Select the right whiskey glass.
Tumblers are best and have traditionally been used, especially when adding ice or mixers. There are also tulip-shaped whiskey glasses which are wide at the bottom, then taper towards the top. The glass is designed to concentrate the aroma in the area of your nose, which ought to enhance your whiskey tasting.

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