How to Serve Rum

Know your rum: There are three main types of rum:

  • Dark rum: This is the traditional rum, famous in many a pirate and sailor tale. Caribbean rums are considered the best by aficionados. Always check the strength! Good dark rums include Appleton’s, Myer’s and a wide variety from other islands such as Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Golden rum: This is an elegant rum that can often be enjoyed straight. It began as a white rum that has been aged in a cask, which adds the colour and increases the flavour.
  • White rum: This is colourless rum. Many white rums are aged in casks. They are a delicate rum.


Serve rum separately if it is of excellent quality:
It is a good way to enjoy rum in colder weather. Serve in the same manner as a French cognac:

  • Pour into a small balloon glass.
  • Warm the glass with your hands.
  • Sip slowly and enjoy.
  • On a hot day, drink with ice.

Serve dark rum in hot punches:  This is a particularly good way to enjoy dark rum. Just be sure to check the amount of alcohol, so as not to make it too strong.

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