Bottled Whiskey Storage

How to Store Bottled Whisky

How to Store Bottled Whisky:What?s best for most fresh goods is best for bottled whisky. It must be stored in a cool dry place, which maintains a constant temperature throughout the year.If bottled whisky is allowed to keep in direct sunlight, it will lose a little of its color and detract from its original flavor. Likewise if the temperature changes too much this might also be a negative to the spirit.No special equipment needed
Except it?s a very old, very rare bottle of whisky, there is no need for wine rack type storage space. Whisky can be stored straight, the high quantity of alcohol will keep the cork moist enough avoid contraction which could lead to rotten corks and contaminated whisky.
Bottled Whiskey Storage
If suppose the whisky is very old then it may be good to store it on its side because the cork may be weakened and may require extra help to stay moist and maintain an airtight seal.
Unopened bottles of whisky can be preserved for years or decades without loss of essence or aroma.Once the seal is broken
After a bottle of whisky is been opened the contents start to weaken immediately. Clam down; it takes a while. The foe of whisky and other sprits is air. Once air is allowed into the bottle it starts to oxidize the contents altering flavors on a molecular level. The more air in the bottle the faster the process will take place. However, if keep in proper conditions, as mentioned above, an open bottle of whisky can last for about a year without major damage to its taste.
That doesn?t mean if you are down to two or three drinks in a bottle, that you can use it for a year. Keep in mind, the more air the faster the worsening will be. A small amount of whisky should be fine for a few months.Clearly, these are long-term storage solutions for those looking to start a whisky collection. It is not different than wine collecting or any other type of collections. You want to have them, show them, off and never ever sell or drink them, if there is a life changing reason to pop one open.
If you?re going to drink your bottled Scotch over a few weeks or maybe over a weekend, keep it wherever you like.
Also remember unlike wine, whisky does not age in the bottle, so unless your collecting, enjoy.

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