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Imperial Blue Whisky Price – Cost – Review

One of the prime and the greatest growing brands in the deluxe whisky sector, Seagram’s Imperial Blue’s perfect blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malts has formed a large subsequent for itself across the country. It is a combination of Scotch malts and superior Indian granule spirits intended for fine smoothness and rounded flavour. The world above all superior whiskies together with Scotch are prepared from grain.

Imperial Blue Whisky-A product that sells over 3.5 million cases a year has recognized itself like a behemoth, however contributing a personal bond to its every consumer. Seagram’s Imperial Blue packaging has undergone a total refurbish. The thought has been to compose its packaging more advanced and modern though providing sufficient protection on all of its horde sizes. You will note its unprejudiced taste and special smoothness. At present with its novel look,

Seagram’s Imperial Blue is prepared to augment its offering and additional set up itself as the mainly favored brand among its target spectators. It is one of the leading brand in India standing in No.3 premium whisky with fastest selling among other brands.

Imperial Blue is usually served straight with chilled water or club soda along with ice or you can try even with mixing up in cocktails, fruit juices or simple with coke. Overall this goes smooth and well-balanced with anything. It got good ratings and appreciation by the people who ever tasted it.

Never try this drink alone, have it along with your friends, then it will become meaningful and you will enjoy the drink getting good satisfaction. I had tasted this along with friends in an outdoor picnic near waterfalls, it had given me extra-ordinary feel of the drink and I really loved the taste.

So, start your journey of life with Imperial Blue whisky and keep enjoying every moment of  the life. Cheers to  ‘Imperial Blue’

Imperial Blue Whisky Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi – New Delhi – Dwarka – South Delhi

Imperial Blue Whisky 180ml Rs. 80.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 375ml Rs. 165.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml Rs. 330.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jaipur – Jodhpur – Kota

Imperial Blue Whisky 180ml Rs. 99.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 375ml Rs. 197.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml Rs. 392.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Imperial Blue Whisky 180ml Rs. 132.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 375ml Rs. 274.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml Rs. 548.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow – Kanpur – Ghaziabad

Imperial Blue Whisky 180ml Rs. 135.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 375ml Rs. 275.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 750ml Rs. 545.00

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