Introduction to Rum

Introduction to Rum

Introduction to Rum-It is quite hard to define the entire rum family as a group since of the variety of rum produced. Each of the light, gold, dark and spiced rums has their own distinct characteristics and furthermore the rums produced in each country differ from one another due to varying laws and tradition in making.
Introduction to Rum
After Columbus’s introduction of sugarcane to the West Indies in 1493 the first rum was produced in Brazil, Barbados and Jamaica making rum the first spirit of the New World. By the mid 1700’s rum was being made throughout the Carribean and South America. It soon became popular in New England and was produced there as well. The Rum Sling made of rum, sugar, water and lemon juice is considered the first American cocktail.Distillation
The use of sugar cane differentiates rum from other liquors. The sweet juices from the sugar cane are turned into molasses and this syrup is then fermented into rum. Rum is then aged in casks; the type of cask used is the formative factor on the color of rum produced in the end.

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