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Irish Beer Brands

Most popular Irish Beer Brands
Beamish Stout
Often contrasts to Guinness, Beamish is murky and chocolaty like its more celebrated cousin, but features a somewhat lighter body and spicier gnaw.
Beamish Stout
Before it strikes your lips, this stout goes through a two-week preparation course using the original Beamish yeast? sweet flavors of caramel and clues of coffee balance out the tart, hoppy finish. Like Guinness, Beamish appear in a nitro-can to imitate the taste and texture of a freshly-poured pint for a result that is truly bittersweet.Guinness Draught
The milkshake of beers, this meal in a bottle has that baked malt savor and hint of chocolate come to expect from most full-bodied beers. A rich and creamy Irish favorite for centuries, this energetic brew is best at once out of the bottle or, if it’s canned, from a tulip-shaped pint goblet. Just imagine of how joyful you’ll be when that downy white cloud forms at the pinnacle of your glass, distinct of draught or nitrogen- infused prepares.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
It is brewed with more hops than home Guinness, this version was planned to last longer in warm climates and so survive the long sea ride overseas, since hops perform as an essential additive.It has the happy result of enhancing the beer’s savor and strength. The Foreign Extra Stout is Guinness strongest beer at 7.5 per cent alcohol by volume. With a dark color that belies its wealthy, chocolaty flavor, this stout goes downward smoother than Guinness Draught, and with less resentment.

Murphy’s Irish Stout
Murphy’s Irish Stout is the nice chap of the group of lightest and sweetest of Ireland’s Big Three Guinness, Beamish and Murphy’s. But don’t be swindled.
Murphys Irish Stout
Think chocolate milk topped with a dual shot of espresso and finished with a one-inch chunky head of caramel-infused creamy goodness. Because the company’s acquisition by Heineken in 1983, Murphy’s has been enjoying a status as one of the best growing stout brands in the globe. Have a Guinness for dinner, but keep this one for dessert.

Ohara’s Celtic Stout
Carlow Brewery is what would call old school. Its name comes from Carlow, a little town situated in Ireland’s historic Barrow Valley area and dwelling to a once-thriving craft beer view. In the 1800s, crafting the own beer was a popular practice amongst the population of Carlow, but this ended with the conquest of small breweries by big industry. Carlow Brewing Company, established in 1996, is energizing this olden time way of manufacturing beers long lost, provoked by the conviction that their way of developing beers is better to present way.

Ohara’s Celtic Stout is true to the unique Irish stout.It’s a robust, flavorful mixture of hops and roasted barley, providing both sweetness and a roasty gnaw with no artificial additives. Just hops, barley, yeast and water ? that’s it. If you’re looking for the actual pact, this is it.

Porterhouse Brewing Co. Oyster Stout
Recognized in 1996, Porterhouse Brewing Company is Ireland’s main independent brewery. Starting with a Dublin inn, the company now operates bars as far afield as New York and London, carrying their craft brews further than the Emerald Isle’s shores. Porterhouse Brewing Company makes a diverse range of stouts, ales, lagers, seasonal and specialty beers, counting their accepted oyster stout.
Porterhouse Brewing Co Oyster Stout
The name is not a misnomer. As not all oyster stouts are really made with the bivalve itself ? some were only chosen as such since pubs served them with oysters ? Porterhouse in fact shucks fresh oysters into the conditioning tank. Luckily, you won’t find them balanced in your pint, but you ought to get a clue of their essence ? not full on, as if you were intaking fresh seafood, but additional faintly, as in Asian foods made with oyster sauce. The result may not be your classic Irish stout, but it still has the feature rounded malt flavors, smooth mouth feel and even finish.

Harp Lager
Not everybody needs a beer to savor like a milkshake. Fortunately for them, there’s hope ? Harp. This crisp summery lager, which comes from a state improved known for its stouts and sprites, has a bitter commencement that rapidly that turns to fresh and stimulating. This typical lager is smooth and solid.

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale
Kilkenny has friends in elevated places. Guinness brews Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Jose Cuervo, Bailey’s and Guinness carries it, and Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest brewery, is where it began. The beer is grown-up than some countries, by a tradition dating back to the fourteenth century, and until newly, Dubliner Pub in Washington, D.C. was the only place in the United States that carried it. Kilkenny has since become broadly obtainable. The feel can be explained as Smithwick’s with fewer hops and a creamy head like Guinness. The amber make has the affluent odor and taste of toasted malt. It’s all at once sugary and creamy, offset by a little bitterness and is accessible in both draught and canned forms.

Murphy’s Irish Red
Irish red ales get their reddish color from the little amounts of roasted barley they enclose. Some producers unnaturally colorant their beers red, and as an effect some beers labeled “red ales” are not really so.
Murphys Irish Red
In America, darker amber ales are also on occasion labeled as “red ales.” Murphy’s Irish Red was initially brewed as Lady’s Well Ale in 1856. Lady’s Well, situated across from the company’s brewery in Cork, has been a spiritual site for Catholics because the eighteenth century. Dutch beer juggernauts Heineken International procured the brewery in 1983. This exact Irish red is dry, crisp, hoppy and especially sparkling with some signs of fruit and caramel.

Smithwick’s Irish Ale
This beer is too old; it dates back to the fourteenth century when priests would prepare their own next door to the Smithwick’s brewery. The wrecks of the novel Franciscan abbey that one time stood there can still be seen. Smithwick’s is Ireland’s oldest working brewery, the main ale creator in Ireland and, all along with Guinness, part of Diageo. Like Murphy’s Irish Red, this is red ale distinguished by caramel maltiness and a intimation of hops.

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