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Irish Whiskey Brands Price – Ireland produces many different brands of whiskey. Below there are some of Ireland’s favourite whiskeys-Irish Whiskey Brands.
Connemara Peated Single Malt
A range of peated Single Malt whiskeys from the Cooley Distillery. Ireland is not usually known for producing peated whiskeys, but Connemara is the award winning exception. The standard Connemara is complemented by a 12 Year Old Single Malt, in cask potency and as a sherry cask finish. It’s also the only peated Single Malt Irish whiskey which is exported.
Availability: Widely available in Ireland, Benelux, France, Spain, Germany and some of Scandinavia. Also distributed in USA, Canada and Australasia.Greenore Single Grain Whiskey
Single Grain whiskies are quite uncommon as most grain whiskey is used for blended whiskeys. This is the only Single Grain whiskey produced in Ireland. Bottled in limited quantities as an 8 Year Old, an 18 Year Old and also a limited Single Cask bottling available only through the Irish Whiskey Collection shop in Terminal 2 Dublin Airport. Soft, sweet corn, with hint of bourbon on nose. Taste is rich, with soft oils, and a hint of barley for good measure and finish is crisp.
Availability: Limited export markets

Green Spot & Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Whiskeys
Single Pot Still whiskey,traditionally known as Pure Pot Still whiskey, it is distilled from malted and unmalted barley in traditional copper pot stills is distinctive to Ireland and these are part of only a handful of brands currently produced. This whiskey brand has an elongated history, being the last remaining of the whiskey bonder brands, which today is still distributed in Ireland by the traditional family owned Whiskey Bonder, Mitchell & Sons from Dublin. The Green Spot is a triple distilled whiskey and is smooth, soft, with gentle floral and honey notes. The Yellow Spot, released in 2013 was voted Irish whiskey of the Year 2014 by Whisky Advocate Magazine and it a whiskey with lots of depth and striking fruity notes, due to its maturation in bourbon barrels, Oloroso sherry butt and Malaga casks. Incredibly hard to find outside of Ireland and even many Irish have never heard of it. Grab them if you see them!
Availability: Ireland, France and Germany essentially.

Jameson Irish Whiskey
The world’s best selling Irish Whiskey, selling over 20 million bottles per annum. Triple distilled in Midleton, it is a smooth and well balanced whiskey. Almonds, vanilla and orchard fruits on the nose with light sherry notes, marzipan and gentle toasted wood on the palate with a very enjoyable dry finish. Matured in ex bourbon and sherry casks. The Jameson family also includes Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve and 18 Year Old Limited Reserve, Jameson Gold Reserve and Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve.
Availability: Widely available all over the world.

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey
A blended Irish whiskey from the Cooley Distillery which is named after the oldest frequently licensed distillery in the world. Sweet caramel, vanilla and toasty wood aromas on the nose and palate. A smooth, sweet and well-liked Irish whiskey from Ireland?s only independent distillery. Matured in ex-Bourbon casks only. Also available as a very smooth and complex limited edition 15 Year Old start on to celebrate 250th anniversary of the Kilbeggan Distillery.
Availability: Throughout most of Continental Europe but hard to get in Eastern Europe and the US.

Locke’s Irish Whiskey
Available as a high malt content blend or as an 8 year old very lightly peated Single Malt, both from the Cooley Distillery, who revived the original Locke’s brand originally distilled in Kilbeggan. The Single Malt is made up of both peated and non-peated malts resulting in a whiskey with soft citrus notes that compliment the gently peatiness. Full flavoured nose stuffed with big fruit-barley nature. There is a copper-tanginess, lots of barley followed by a dry fruity flavour on the taste and lots of malt on the finish.
Availability: Limited availability around the world as not expansively exported outside of Ireland.

Midleton Very Rare
A deluxe whiskey from Midleton. Every year since 1984 a new period has been produced. Bottled in limited quantities, every vintage is a collectors and connoisseurs? whiskey and slightly special from the previous year. Barry Crockett, Master Distiller in Midleton, personally selects whiskeys matured in bourbon casks only and aged generally up to 25-27 years. Box contains a credential and each purchaser is entered into the Midleton Very Rare book. One of the smoothest whiskeys money can buy.
Availability: Available in most countries in deluxe retail outlets and bars

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy
This Single Pot Still whiskey, first released in 2011, has been matured for many long years exclusively in ex American oak casks. Named after Barry Crockett, Master Distiller in Midleton and whose father was Master Distiller before him, this deluxe whiskey is all about flair combined with a full range of elegant flavours. Vanilla, charred oak, pears and a touch of green pepper on the nose are complemented by limes and mandarin orange sweetness, with a hint of cinnamon and light pepper on the palate. The finish, as can be expected from a Single Pot Still whiskey of this age is long, intricate and very smooth.
Availability: Ireland, Germany and France mostly. Available in U.S. from 2012.

Paddy Irish Whiskey
From the Midleton Distillery, one of Ireland’s favourite whiskeys. Triple distilled, it is a blend of pot still and grain whiskeys from Midleton and malt whiskey from Bushmills. A very popular whiskey in Ireland, ideal for mixing. It is a young and light whiskey, with also opens up quite nicely with a little water. Mild, soft, a distinctive mellow maltiness, a touch of sweet oil, spiciness with background notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood on the nose and palate. Mellow maltiness and mild woody notes on the finish. Named after Paddy Flaherty, a famous 1930′s whiskey sales rep from Cork.
Availability: Not available in the U.S.A. and very difficult to find outside of Europe.

Powers Irish Whiskey
For a long time, this was Ireland’s best selling whiskey and it still remains very popular. A blend of triple distilled pot still and grain whiskeys. Smooth yet strong, this is a complex whiskey for its age ? excellent with a few drops of water, as well as for Irish coffee and Hot Irish. Warm cereal notes, lots of spice, touch of honey and high pot still content. There are also two 12 Year Old versions, the Powers John’s Lane being a Single Pot Still whiskey launched in 2011. Grab either of the 12 Year olds if you can, – the regular 12YO is very smooth, perfectly balanced, but with a surprising peppery and spicy dribble at the back of the palate, with a finish that goes on forever. Powers John’s Lane is a superbly masculine whiskey, with a great balance of smoothness and complexity, tobacco, leather and spices.
Availability: Exported mostly to continental Europe, but difficult to find. Small quantities of Powers and Powers 12YO available in U.S.A.

Redbreast Single Pot Still
A Single Pot Still range of whiskeys from the Midleton Distillery, available as a 12 YO, 15YO and now also as a 12YO Cask Strength edition. This type of whiskey is distinctive to Ireland and Redbreast is a continuation of the great tradition of pure pot still whiskeys, made from malted and unmalted barley in the traditional pot still method. The regular 12YO is a unique whiskey, full of quality, lovely touch of oiliness and fruitcake on the taste and extended classy sherry notes on the finish. Regularly wins top awards in International spirits competitions. Very hard to find outside of Ireland with the exclusion of UK, France and Germany. Small quantities exported to USA too.
Availability: Exported mostly to UK, France and Germany, with little quantities filtering through to other markets.

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
The world’s second best selling Irish Whiskey. It is triple Distilled whiskey, smooth and gentle and a blend of grain and pot still whiskeys from Midleton and malt whiskey from Bushmills. Charred wood undertones on the nose and palate with warming, sweetish spices and pleasant maltiness. Distilled in Tullamore until the early 1950?s, the whiskey will once again be distilled in Tullamore from 2014, while the new distillery opens. Very smooth and approachable whiskey, as well good with ice and in cocktails.
Availability: Available in most countries.

Tyrconnell Single Malt
An unpeated Single Malt whiskey from the Cooley Distillery. This is a historic old Irish brand named after a famous race horse that won the major race in Ireland at odds of 100 to 1. It is one of only a handful of Irish Single Malts. Full and fruity aroma with a citrus spiciness, with the malt becoming more dominant on the finish. Matured in ex-Bourbon casks only. The range also includes award winning 10 Year Old Sherry, Madeira and Port Cask finish editions.
Availability: Available throughout most of Continental Europe but hard to get in Eastern Europe and the US.

Irish Whiskey Brands Price - Cost - Review

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