Italian Wines

Italian Wines

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing provinces in the world and has overtaken France as the world’s largest wine producer.Italian wines are exported around the world and is also enormously popular in Italy: Italians rank fifth on the world wine consumption list by volume with 42 litres per capita consumption. Grapes are grown in nearly every region of the country and there are more than one million vineyards under cultivation.Etruscans and Greek settlers produced wine in Italy before the Romans started their own vineyards in the 2nd century BC. Roman grape-growing and winemaking was prolific and well-organized, pioneering large-scale production and storage techniques like barrel-making and bottling.Italian Wines

In Italy, wine with food is a way of life. Italians have been making wine for thousands of years, and know a thing or two about enjoying it. There’s nothing fairly like a loud Italian dinner with great food and friends, where everyone is slightly more animated than usual from the four glasses (each) of Chianti.There are also great practical advantages to Italian wine, mostly due to the popularity and great quantity of good Italian restaurants in the United States. What else but Italian wine for your Italian dinner..

Wine quality in Italy has improved noticeably over the last century or so, when Italians determined to export competitive fine wine. In the past, the focus was on making a whole lot of wine from whatever was available so the entire family can get drunk and squabble loudly at dinner, so the wine was relatively unremarkable. Modern Chianti is much bolder and zestier than old Chianti, because of the modern focus on really getting quality from the grapes instead of just making a whole lot of wine.

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