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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Price – Cost – Review

When John Walker first established the family business in 1820 he began a lineage of blending proficiency that continues unbroken to this day. Carefully honed skills have been handed down from generation to generation, with the result that today’s Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is testament to almost two centuries of blending superiority.
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is an indulgent, luxurious and multi-layered blend with a smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminess that progress into deeper honeyed tones by finishing in persistent waves of wood, fruit and light, sweet West-coast smoke. On the nose, it gives a bright smell of dried meadow flowers and fresh banana with the hints of honey and caramel notes.
It gives you a wonderful feel in your first sip with taste of sweet vanilla hitting your tongue along with the honey gesture, which seems very smooth flow on your mouth. It keeps its sweetness and toffee-like taste with long finish. Totally, it gives complete satisfaction from the drink.
Gold Label Reserve is prepared from the hand-picked whiskies to create a perfect balanced blend, including Clynelish. It is best to be served for great occasions along with friends. Gold Label Reserve whisky can be served with some splash of water with crushed ice or with club soda adding up with orange slices and ice cubes. It goes neat!! There are even some best recipes which you should try, the simple one is serving with apple juice and soda. Check for more recipes in its official website –
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve has got good popularity in the world-wide market; it is available in any bar & restaurants, liquor showrooms. It is kind of limited edition, so grab your bottle as soon as possible and store it to set a party with your family, relatives or friends. After you read this review, have a try with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and share the feelings with your friends.
Gold Label Reserve Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Whisky 750ml Rs. 9000.00

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