Keruv Vodka Price

Keruv Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Have been heard of this brand before? That’s Keruv Vodka. The word ‘Vodka’ suggests the country where we’ve often encountered it in novels. That’s Russia. And of course Keruv Vodka is typical Russian vodka style that nobody could deny tasting.

Keruv Vodka is a silky smooth drink with a trace of pepper at the end. Really this pepper story would delight you at large, because it’s quite rarely that a hot drink is associated with pepper. It may be customary to the way of Russia that bears a lot of strange customs and traditions in making food and beverages.

Do you need to know how Keruv Vodka is made? Its charcoal filtered and made in such a pure way that you may feel it in the smoothness of the drink. What do you think of Keruv Vodka prices? One may think that it would be quite high and unaffordable. But, It’s not so. Very low prices compared to other liquor varieties. Your parties, functions, and all the other celebrations will be brightened by this excellent variety of liquor.

You can even make a lot of cocktails using Keruv Vodka. It could be mixed with all kinds of juices, aerated drinks etc. A bit of ice will add an extra colour to your parties, occasions etc. You may never know how much of Keruv Vodka cocktails are liked by the people all over the world. Some people add orange peels to a glass of Keruv Vodka, leave it aside for some time and finally enjoy its elegant style and the great feeling.

This wonderful smooth drink is often seen in every store. You can identify the brand at a glance due to its significance that you might not find in any other liquor you have tasted before. Have a try on this and feel the change.Keruv Vodka Price - Cost - Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Keruv Vodka 750ml Rs. 869.00
Keruv Vodka 180ml Rs. 210.00


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