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Kraken Rum Price – Cost – Review

Kraken Rum Price – Several years ago, in the Caribbean Islands, a ship carrying a large amount of black spiced rum strangely disappeared. It is rumored that the ship was attacked by the Kraken, a legendary sea monster known for its deadly tentacles, razor sharp teeth, and voracious appetite. Even though this story can’t be proven, the stories still remain, all along with a reverent fear of the sea. The lost barrels of rum were renamed as Kraken Rum after the Kraken, to both honor and appease him.The Kraken Rum exhibits sweet notes of coffee, caramel, toffee, and spice on equally the nose and palate. Medium bodied and smooth with a sweet, enduring finish, this rum is great for mixed drinks, although can also be enjoyed neat. It?s a product of Indiana. It contains 47% Alcohol.It?s actually sipping rum, if you can consider it; if you can?t, it?s probable that you?ve not at all had rum better than what issues forth from a Bacardi bottle, frantic for Coke to drown out its eye-watering savagery.This is significantly different. Kraken really does pour out dark like coffee, clinging a little to the side of the glass as a sure sign of its sweetness.A major selling point is that the liquor weighs in at 47% alcohol (or 94 proof), which is considerably more hefty than any of the competitors on the shelf. And yet even with that, the rum is tasty, full and ? most prominently ? smooth in its finish.The Kraken still mixes entirely well in the usual ways you?d take care of rum ? with cola or ginger beer, or mainly nicely in a mojito. But with the help of an ice cube or a splash of water, it can be just as easily enjoyed all by itself, taken slowly as you might have a nice Scotch.

There are lots of cute little thoughts out there, nicely-designed labels trapped on all manner of fluids that are meant to help them stand out. But there are valuable few who really throw themselves into the idea that they?re trying to sell, having so much fun with it that you sense obliged to join in ? and fewer still who do so with a product that is genuinely good.

The Kraken Rum supervises to be all of that, and at a price that?s right in line with everybody else on the shelf. For a drink that?s tasty, amazingly smooth and blasted strong, that?s persuasive; for one that adds in a bit of fun that makes you desire to tell everyone you know about it, it?s a marvelous deal.

Kraken Rum Price - Cost - Review

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