Louis XIII Cognac Price

Louis XIII Cognac Price – Cost – Review

Louis XIII Cognac: A masterpiece

Louis XIII Cognac’s price is high, which is OK if you consider the fact that it takes 100 years to make it.

The manufacturer calls it “one century in a bottle”. It is a blend of 1200 eaux de vie (French: waters of life; a kind of fruit brandies).

Louis XIII is distributed in gorgeous Baccarat crystal decanters.

It has a complex, delicate smell with notes of flowers, fruits, vanilla, honey and oak.

It is practically impossible to give an accurate account of the taste, as it has dozens of flavours. But you may describe it with just one word: masterpiece.

Where it comes to cognac, the manufacturer, Remy Martin, knows its stuff. It was found in 1724.

In 2012, the company backed Indian duo Hiphop Tamizha to produce the first ever Tamil hip hop album.

Last year the company, Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich made a film “100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See”. It imagines the 22nd century Earth, apparently serving as an advertisement for Louis XIII. The film will be stored in a safe until 2115, but you may watch the trailer on the Remy Martin’s website.

If you came to this page looking for a Louis XIII cocktail recipe, you won’t find it here. Not because it doesn’t exist (it does), but because we believe mixing Louis XIII with anything is a crime. It should be taken with respect, the way it was enjoyed by Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II. Elton John and Christian Dior are also fans.

To conclude the review, we would rate Louis XIII as a majestic drink worthy of its cost. It would make a perfect gift or investment in any city of the world. How lucky are those who have a chance to taste it! Definitely you should try it.

Louis XIII Cognac Price - Cost - Review


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