Magic Moments Electra Choclate Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Have you ever had a hot experience mingled with steamy chocolate aroma? If you haven’t, get it now from Magic Moments Electra Choclate Vodka. Bask yourself in a pool of this outstanding beverage and you’ll definitely be an addict of its magical touch!Feel the difference.

You’ll have to go to India where you find its roots in the second largest distillery of Asia, Radico Khaitan Ltd. Even at this moment, ‘Magic Moments’ are being made especially for you with rich chocolate on the nose with a delicious, bold chocolate aroma. Magic moments make every passing moment a magic.

Do you need to know how Magic moments Electro Choclate Vodka made? It’s made of a triple-distilled grain spirit that releases the end product as a smooth, colorless liquid that makes all the magic for you.

Magic Moments Electro Choclate Vodka comes in three sizes; 750ml, 375ml, 180ml. would you like to feel the smooth, chill of the gleaming, frosted, white bottle with chocolate colored figures imprinted on it. As the alcohol percentage is 37.5%, you’ll not feel exhausted. It would usher you into such a sweet ecstasy that you’d not feel the time passing under your feet. The rich chocolate flavor mixed with a moderate sweetness would caste an extremely enticing spell on you.

Two cocktail recipes, hot chocolate remix and chocolate martini (with ice) enhance the taste of magic moments Electra Choclate Vodka, web site reviews show how vodka lovers throughout the world rate this marvelous brand placing it at quite a significant position.

‘In the beginning I took it as yet another drink. But, when once I tasted it, I became an addict of it.’ This is how a young vodka lover rated it.

What about the prices? Are they high? I think not. You’ll never think of the money you pay for Magic Moments Electro Chocolate Vodka. Since it deserves that cost. Whenever you need to immerse yourself in a wave of fantastic feelings, get Magic Moments Electro Chocolate Vodka to do that. The feeling you’d get from it, will last longer and longer in your life.

So, buy a bottle of gleaming, smooth, frosted white bottle of Magic Moments Electro Choclate Vodka. Be a lover of it. You can’t deny the feeling that leads you to such extremities.



Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore

Magic Moments Chocolate Vodka 750ml  Rs. 981.00
Magic Moments Chocolate Vodka 375ml  Rs. 490.00
Magic Moments Chocolate Vodka 180ml  Rs. 237.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Mizoram – Aizwal – Kolasib – Lawngtlai

Magic Moments Chocolate Vodka 750ml Rs. 330.00
Magic Moments Chocolate Vodka 375ml Rs. 170.00

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