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Magic Moments Vodka is triple distilled for a smooth finish comparable to Grey Goose at a fraction of the cost; Magic Moments has introduced their latest flavour in an already impressive stable of first-rate liquor products: Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka. Launched to rave reviews and made with only the finest ingredients, this Cranberry-infused vodka redefines the standard for how people party in the most cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy the subtle sweetness of Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka in this modified recipe for the classic Madras drink. Make this less fussy version of the traditional Madras cocktail with eight ounces of fresh orange juice, ice, add a splash of Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka and stir. Serve the drink in a chilled highball glass. By using Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka you are eliminating the need for cranberry juice in this cocktail, you’re making a top shelf drink at half the price and impressing your friends with half the effort. For more fun, pop the vodka in the freezer & serve it as a “Cape Cod” shot along with a thin slice of lime — a playful take on the traditional Cape Cod, cranberry and vodka, cocktail. For parties, mix a package of gelatin with eight ounces of orange juice heated on the stove. Add eight ounces of Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka, pour into ice cube trays and pop in the fridge to cool for an hour. You can also serve this as Madras “jello shots.” This is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile infused vodkas on the market today and the possibilities are endless. You surely cannot find a higher quality infused vodka for the low price of this one. Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka price is such a cheaper than any other vodka. Want to learn more? Be sure to visit the Magic Moments website, where you can learn more about the other flavours in their collection of fine spirits. vodka-glass2

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Kota

Magic Moments Electric Cranberry Vodka 275ml Rs. 88.00

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