Magic Moments Apple Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Magic Moments Green Apple Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Magic Moment Green Apple vodka is a triple distilled and rice grain gluten free vodka. It has an overwhelming taste of apple along with a fresh sparkling taste of usual magic moment. The ingredients of the Magic Moments Apple Vodka’s recipe include alcohol, apple juice, raspberry, magic moment’s lemon grass and ginger, lime juice, ginger ale, mint sprig etc. One could easily identify the innovation behind Magic Moment Vodka mere from the innovative, different and moment hit-frozen bottle covering. The company changed the bottle casing in September 2007 where the details were straight printed on the container which again made the Magic Moment vodka to shine out among the others. This was a new, innovative and pure idea which was not found in any other brand. Magic Moments Green Apple vodka has distinct crystal clear spirit with wonderful green apple scent which makes the drinkers magical. There are two different recipes of magic moment green apple the Green Apple Derby and Green Apple tonic. They both have different recipes and prices. Magic Moments Green Apple Vodka price is comparatively higher as compared to the Ketel one or fuel beverages but the Magic Moments Vodka is a millionaire brand since its customers know that the product is much more worthy than its price. Along with being very popular, the brand has won the gold medal at Monde Selection 2010 which proved its significance in the international arena. It has different cocktails such as Magic Moments Remix Lemongrass and Ginger Flavored Vodka, Magic Moments Remix Raspberry Flavored Vodka and Magic Moments Remix Lemon Vodka. Hence the magic moment is the world renowned and most liked beverage brand which has its hardcore users who prefer it all over others and the product definitely gives them a strong reason. The product has a strong distribution network and is thus available in every market and liquor store. Magic Moments Apple Vodka Price – Cost – Review

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