Homemade Brandy

Making Homemade Brandy

Steps involved for Making Homemade Brandy:
1.Select a fruit. Grapes or wine is the default choice.
2.Sterilize your container that may be fermenting container or boiling pot.You want them to be as clean as possible. Do the similar with your fruit.
Making Homemade Brandy
3.Remove all stems and leaves. Fill your fermenting container with over 51% percent fruit.
4.Add 25% percent water. Your fermenting container or boiling pot should be only 75% full for safety reasons.
5.Mash with something similar to a manual potato masher.6.Boil resulting mixture for five minutes stirring often.
7.Return to fermenting container and add the right amount of yeast.
8.Cover, use an airlock, or leave open, for a week or more.
9.After that you have 9%-15% A.B.V. wine. True brandy is made with grapes or other fruit with no added sugar. Brandy is the resulting liquid from distilling this wine.

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