Mansion House VSOP Brandy Price – Cost – Review

The Mansion House brandy evokes a feeling of timeless grace in the French countryside just outside the city of Paris   . This is exactly the sort of image that should come to mind when you think of sipping brandy or cognac in the comfort of your home. Mansion House Brandy comes for far less price so that everyone of them could enjoy the delicious taste of the drink.

For a hundred dollars a bottle you can buy a brandy that took twelve years to age or you can purchase Mansion House and still enjoy the same sipping spirit for far less cost. Brandy is typically enjoyed as an after dinner digestive, made neat in a snifter or tulip glass. The curved shape of this glassware is ideal because it warmly fits the curve of the palm of your hand. Palming the drink gently warms it using your own body heat and brings the brandy to the ideal temperature to be sipped slowly and enjoyed.

Mansion House colour comes in red shades subtly spotted with golden brown. The taste of the brandy is fantastic with grape flavour along with the hints of oak, musty and rich with smooth finish. Have it along with your dinner, it plays a prominent role in digestion. Brandy also has many benefits of health.

Typically a “rail” drink would not be ideal for sipping because the sharp taste of alcohol, for lack of ageing, overwhelms the rich flavours of the fermented grapes that are used to make the brandy. This is not the case with Mansion House Brandy, who has a recipe for success. Mansion House makes a quality, high-end brandy that can be enjoyed slowly — just as like a premium Remy Martin Cognac. No need to hide the smooth flavour with triple sec or fruit juice.

Mansion House brandy is usually a well-balanced drink either you serve it straight with water or even mix with coke or any other fruit juices. This traditional drink has a clean finish and can be kept in a flask to serve to guests on special occasions — they will never know the difference!






Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Mansion House Finest French Brandy 1Ltre  Rs. 907.00
Mansion House Finest French Brandy 750ml  Rs. 680.00
Mansion House Finest French Brandy 375ml1  Rs. 340.00
Mansion House Finest French Brandy 180ml  Rs. 164.00

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