Maqintosh Whisky Price – Cost – Review

MaQintosh Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Whisky has different feel of taste when compared to other drinks, probably 60-70% of people will drink whiskies among alcohol consumers, so here is an extraordinary whisky ‘MaQintosh’ which would give you a interesting taste. This is one of the combinations of Scottish and Indian malts. It contains flavor of vanilla and hints of taste of Indian spice, which would be loved by most of the people. This is a purely desi drink for Indians, you can make out the creamy taste of vanilla while having this drink.

MaQintosh has a wide range of selling due to its unique taste of the Indian grain and spice. You can try with the MaQ Scotch, MaQintosh Deluxe & MaQintosh Silver. For those who looking to try the scotch, then it is best for them to try with MaQ Scotch, which would give good satisfaction from the drink disappoint them. MaQintosh deluxe and silver are different varieties of MaQintosh whiskies which has good demand in the brand, so you can have a try on it and what special is there in it.

And about the MaQintosh Whisky Price, this is very cheaper and worth that you may not find with any other brands of whiskies in the market. I was so much impressed with this whisky that is why I wanted to suggest all of you to try this once and have a different taste with the Indian spice. Try it with the crushed ice instead of cubes or splash of water so that you will get the taste of natural flavour. Swirl the glass and wait for few seconds, let the alcohol get evaporate then you will get the smell of vanilla flavour with hint of Indian spices, now take your first sip, it will feel good with the sweetness of creamy vanilla. If it is cool winter and rainy season with slow rainfall, then it is the best time to have this whisky to you warm.

Conclusion: This whisky has an superb taste from other brands and price also comes within your budget

Maqintosh Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

MaQintosh Premium Whisky 180ml Rs. 146.00
MaQintosh Premium Whisky 375ml Rs. 303.00
MaQintosh Premium Whisky 750ml Rs. 607.00
MaQintosh Pure Grain Whisky 180ml Rs. 62.00
MaQintosh Silver Edition Whisky 180ml Rs. 296.00
MaQintosh Silver Edition Whisky 375ml Rs. 610.00
MaQintosh Silver Edition Whisky 750ml Rs. 1221.00

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