Martell VSOP Cognac Price

Martell VSOP Cognac Price – Cost – Review

Would you like to have a cozy evening, admiring the nice view a glass of fine cognac after a busy day in the city? What cognac would be perfect choice in such case? Of course it is Martell VSOP.

Martell VSOP includes 4 types of cognac, in the age from 8 to 12 years. With this fine combination cognac Martell VSOP will enchant you not only with its elegance and a harmonious fullness of taste, but it will also please you with its wooden and fruit flavours. This cognac is considered to be the best work of masters of Martel house. In addition, it is also known as the Supreme distinguishing feature of French chefs.

Cognac Martel VSOP has a rich Golden-copper or Golden-amber color. Its bouquet combines remarkably light taste of grapes on a background of vanilla with wooden flavour and hints of spices and flowers. As the result there is an elegant and sophisticated drink. Particular, such elegance of cognacs taste shows that it was properly aged. Taste of cognac Martel VSOP is roundness and fullness, softness and harmony, the complexity and simplicity at the same time. Its aftertaste is thin and long. This cognac is wonderful both solo and in classic cocktails recipes or with ice.

The oldest cognac house Martell traces its history back to 1715 to the reign of Louis XIV. To date, Martell continues to be one of the leading cognac houses in France. It is reviewed among the three largest world producers of cognac.

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