MCDOWELL’S Diplomat Whisky Price – Cost – Review

McDowell’s Diplomat Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Whisky is one of the greatest beverage in the planet. It is always delicious than any other drink. There are so many different whiskies all over the world. Whisky is an unbelievable thing that just with simple ingredients like grain, water, and yeast that gives you amazing taste of flavours and uniqueness you can enjoy with the drink. Here is one of the world class blended Scotch whisky with the unique taste, it is ‘McDowell’s Diplomat Whisky’, yeah!! The name diplomatic itself states us that it is kind of standard whisky. It is really good Indian scotch whisky like no scotch or Indian whisky I’ve tasted;

The main fact about McDowell’s Diplomat whisky is, it is blended with selected Scotch whisky & Indian malt whiskies, it contains beautiful flavours of fruits which will give you a perfect feel of the drink. Take a glass of McDowell’s Diplomat and add water along with ice cubes, swirl the glass and wait, you’ll feel the smell of bright fruits, like star-burst candy than fresh kiwi; aroma of cinnamon stick with fresh, now swirl it again and keep it for little longer, it becomes more fruity and take a sip and feel the beautiful flavour of green- apple with long mouth-numbing finish.

And, you will be shocked about the price. It is reasonably cheap than any other scotch whiskies in the market. I highly recommend you, just try once this McDowell’s Diplomatic Whisky and check the difference yourself. McDowell’s Diplomat Whisky Price is  really worth of paying for such a good whisky.

You might have tasted many varieties of Scotches, but most of them have similar taste. This malt has a unique taste compared to other Scotch whiskies, but take in correct proportion as prescribed. It is one of the prestigious Scotches; it gives you the refreshing taste from the hot weather and get relaxed. This is one of the biggest selling whiskies compared to other brands it feels good if you try this in the standard bars, restaurants and hotels even.

 It is really one of the best Indian standard scotch whisky which I had tried; its fruity flavour gives you a better taste of whisky which you may not find with any other.

MCDOWELL’S Diplomat Whisky Price – Cost – Review

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