McDowell's No.1 Platinum Whisky Price - Cost - Review

McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Whisky Price – Cost – Review

McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Whisky price – McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Whisky: Leaders’ nectar of modest cost

The McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Whisky price is very lucrative for someone who’d like to taste a prestige segment spirit in India. Its recipe was designed by famous Scottish master blender Richard Paterson. There aren’t many reviews for this whisky on the internet, but what we’ve seen, we’ve liked.

The United Spirits Limited (USL) launched this grain-based blended whisky in 2010, selling 30m bottles in the first year.

What did make Platinum popular?

In reality, the three areas where Platinum really stands out are price, history and marketing.

The USL markets Platinum as a drink for leaders. “The brand reaches out across different media to stimulate the leader in every one of us,”.

MS Dhoni, one of the leading cricketer is an ambassador for the brand. Platinum whisky is part of a major line of spirits called McDowell’s No.1 (the original McDowell’s company was launched in India in the late 19th century by Scotsmen), which, in other way, is present in just about any city.

How to describe about the drink?

We would rate it as good. It is made of quality compounds, has a nice gold colour and alluring smell. It is especially likeable in cocktails. And the bottle design is just awesome! This is the bottle you’d like to have in your home bar, share with your friends and take on a trip. Probably, sometimes these bottles may be limited or seasonal release and often may be priced higher.

There is a common stereotype that Scotch is very expensive, and most of the youngsters doesn’t like it.

USL is one of the companies that are crushing these stereotypes.

Youngsters everywhere choose Scotch as a party drink more and more often. Without an affordable quality option like Platinum, they would be buying counterfeit products, which might even do more harm. That is reason why the USL is a really put positive force in this respect.

McDowell's No.1 Platinum Whisky  Price - Cost - Review

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