Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Price

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Price – Cost – Review

Mount Gay Black Barrel rum: Treasure from Barbados

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum is a blend of quality, single and double distillates from Barbados. The blend is matured in charred bourbon barrels; this is why it is called the Black Barrel.The amber drink comes in a nice 750ml bottle closed with a cork, and we like how they labelled each bottle with a unique number.

Black Barrel Rum contains spicy, fruity smell with notes of burnt wood. The taste is both spicy and sweet with the cracked black pepper and creamy vanilla, which gives you amazing sweetness with hints of spice and the after-taste is warm and very likeable. Actually, the taste is a bit unusual, and we assume that it was designed with bourbon fans in mind. It gives you long and balanced finish with combination of sweet and spice. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum tastes well, you can either serve with club soda or with cola. Overall, this is a finest rum which gives you complete enjoyment of the drink.

The manufacturer Mount Gay Distilleries markets its drinks as “the product of over 300 years of knowledge, experience and alteration applied to the process of making rum”. Indeed, the company was established no later than 1703. Its drinks are sold in more than 100 countries. Actually, the company had launched the Black Barrel rum to celebrate its 310th anniversary.

The Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum price may seem a bit high, but only until you learn how it is made. Where it comes to cocktails, this rum can be used in dozens. In fact, bartenders in Barbados experiment with local rums all the time, often coming up with something new for the Black Barrel. In one interview, master blender Allen Smith, the man who designed the Black Barrel, said he particularly liked it with ginger.

But the company website offers us to try it in the Old Fashioned, the recipe of which was published in . It is said that Black Barrel Rum would also taste great in a mojito.

To conclude this review, we would rate the Mount Gay Black Barrel as great rum with a justified cost. Check out the bottle from your nearest liquor store and try it.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Price - Cost - Review


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