Mount Gay Eclipse Rum Price

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum Price – Cost – Review

Nowadays, one of the most beloved and popular strong drinks in the world is rum. A lot of companies produce this alcoholic beverage. Mount Gay is one of those companies that can be boasted in producing this delicious tipple. The company was founded in 1703 and till now suggests one of the best rum all over the world.

Mount Gay Company was awarded by golden medal at the contest of alcoholic drinks in San Francisco, USA.

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum can be called a pride of the company. To make the review in short it is to say that the amber-honey color and unforgettable vanilla smell of the rum do not leave someone indifferent.The taste of the strong beverage is thin, bright, and soft and at the same time sophisticated, with the subtle notes of spices.

The pirate drink is available all over the world. You can buy it as in small store as at the websites that suggest alcoholic beverages. The major market for Mount Gay Eclipse Rum is USA.

The ingredients for the Rum have never changed. It is made only from the best sugar cane and molasses, at the place where the best coral water was invented – Barbados.

The rum is produced in 700 ml bottles. The price on it is similar in compare with rums of this group.The cost of any drink depends on the ageing. The age of this type of the tipple is 2 years old.

There is huge amount of the different recipes of cocktails but the best rum tastes just with some ice cubes or coca cola.

Firstly, Mount Gay Eclipse Rum attracts with its elegant look then you can’t refuse from the luxuriant and delight taste of the city beverage. Without any doubts we can give only the highest rate to the rum.

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum Price - Cost - Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi  – Dwarka– New Delhi – South Delhi

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum 700ml Rs. 3100.00


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