Mount Gay Rum Price

Mount Gay Rum Price – Cost – Review

“The Sailor’s Rum,” established in 1703 in the heart of the city of Bridgetown, Barbados, Mount Gay is the definitive world class rum. Mount Gay has set the standard for rum in what has become a heavily saturated market solely because

Mount Gay is the first rum brand in existence — a distinction that no other company in the world can lay claim to. If you’ve been doing it longer than anyone else, chances are that you are indeed the best at it. Mount Gay was the first to see the potential of rum as a commercialized product, though the spirit had been consumed on sugar cane plantations for seventy plus years prior. If you are searching for a sophisticated addition to your liquor cabinet or perhaps a gift for your boss you can’t do better than Mount Gay Rum. While Scotch is a popular staple to have on hand for such occasions, good rum can convey the same sense of class and elegance without the price tag of an aged whiskey. No need for a recipe for Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada, this is best served almost neat. By “almost neat” we mean that rum, unlike Scotch, opens up with a few drops of water. Some rum purists believe that you should not sully the drink with water, but the way that Mount Gay Rum was meant to be enjoyed was with a one single small ice cube — just one. Too much ice will indeed water the beverage down and dilute the rich caramel flavour that comes from the distilled molasses from which it is made. An easy way to decide if you should add water or not is by the proofing. The general rule of thumb is that if the spirit is above 60 proof, adding water is a great idea. No water for anything below that. This also applies to Scotch in some cases. No matter how you serve it, Mount Gay is a no-brainer for rum enthusiasts. For more information about the history of Mount Gay and their selection of spirits, visit their website at

Mount Gay Rum Price - Cost - Review

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