Mount Gay Silver Rum Price - Cost - Review

Mount Gay Silver Rum Price – Cost – Review

If you want to know what Mount Gay Silver Rum is, our website will give you the answer to this question in our short review.

It’s the exact case when the name speaks for itself. Mount Gay Silver Rum is not just white rum, it’s the drink with prevailing silver tones. Rum is characterized by crystal clear and transparent colour. While drinking this rum, you will not feel like a pirate, but like a successful man, exquisitely resting after a successful working day in the fast-moving city.

Rum is produced by many companies, but only the company Mount Gay, founded in 1703 has managed how to preserve a taste of the 18th century.

Mount Gay Silver is pure and well-balanced rum with soft tons of sugar cane and bananas, which are infused with mint and citrus flavors. Rum has a soft after-taste. For the manufacture of rum are used only the finest cane sugar and filtered spring water. The drink is distilled in special copper pot stills, after that it is filtered three times, which provides to the rum the particular smoothness and softness. These distinguish Mount Gay Silver from other classic white rums.

This product doesn’t correspond to the quality-price ratio. It’s the rare case when the quality is much higher than its cost. Besides the fact that on this website you can find Mount Gay Silver for a reasonable price.

The unique quality is achieved not only by the careful selection of the best ingredients, but also by the talent of blend masters and their passion for the art of mixing. They guarantee rums excellent appearance, aroma and taste.

The rums fragrance is very attractive, with notes of toffee and bananas, soft citrus notes and hints of mint. After opening a bottle, forms a nice herbal plume that makes the aroma even more special and sophisticated.

As for different recipes, experts recommend to combine this rum with ice, slices of lime, or use it in various cocktails.

The old Latin proverb says “in Vino Veritas”, but after the Mount Gay Silver Rum, you will understand that verity can be found in rum too.

Mount Gay Silver Rum Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi  – Dwarka– New Delhi – South Delhi

Mount Gay Silver Rum 700ml Rs. 3100.00

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