Muscovy Orange Vodka Price

Muscovy Orange Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Made by Amrut Distilleries Ltd., Muscovy Orange Vodka is Indian vodka with a prestigious coat of arms logo; two lions uphold a crest with AD engraved and a crown on top. Amrut Distilleries whereabouts are located in the city of Bangladesh, India, where the company was founded in 1948. The company is known for changing the way the world viewed Indian whisky, however, the Muscovy Vodka is the only brand of Vodka that Amrut makes and distributes. This ensures that the vodka is given full attention in how it is made. Muscovy only has types of vodka; an apple flavour and an orange flavour.

With an Indian style castle at the top of the label, vodka gives the feel of royalty. The oranges on the bottle create a mouthwatering temptation to dip into the seal and taste the pure vodka that is bottled inside. With a 42.8% alcohol content, Muscovy Orange Vodka price is fairly cheap and is not as well-known as the company’s whisky’s, however, Muscovy Orange is a secret that is waiting to be tried, rated, and shared amongst friends.

A few websites have Martini and cocktail recipes that are sure to excite the senses and the taste of Muscovy Orange, however, this smooth liquor can also be drunk straight without the usual burn of other lower cost vodkas. The orange flavour is a flavour that can be enjoyed through any season. In the dead of winter, it will remind the drinker of the joys of summer, and of course, orange is the citrus goodness of the summer taste buds.

The Amrut website has a phone number to order directly from the company if you are unable to find this alcohol by local means. So grab a case, have a party, or a small get together to enjoy the flavour, passion and prestige of this historical companies little known, but, fabulous product.

Muscovy Orange Vodka Price - Cost - Review


 Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore

Muscovy Orange Vodka 750ml Rs. 541.00
Muscovy Orange Vodka 375ml Rs. 253.00
Muscovy Orange Vodka 180ml Rs. 122.00

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