New Vodka Flavors Gone Wild

New Vodka Flavors Gone Wild – Once upon a time, vodka was just vodka. There were cheap bottles of vodka and expensive bottles, and the only differences were in quality or a subtle flavor. Then flavored vodka hit the drinking scene. It started with common flavors, like lime, lemon, and orange a bit like the flavors you’d find in a roll of Lifesavers candies or hard candies handed out by your maiden aunt.Then, vodka manufacturers had to up the ante. They had to create new flavors and innovative tastes that would make their brand stand out among the rest.

Taste a Rainbow of Flavors

These days, you can find vodka in just about as many strange flavors as those jelly beans that come with a cheat sheet so you know what you are eating. Some people view these wildly flavored vodkas as the natural progression of things as our taste buds call out for new heights in alcohol and flavor. However, the vodka makers are eventually going to run out of flavors. Every palatable flavor will be a ‘been there, done that’ issue.


Absolut, a Swedish Vodka, is one of the most recognized brands of vodka. They have all the common flavors you would expect. Their Ruby Red Grapefruit, Raspberri, and Citron are ordinary enough to be the equivalent of your granny in her old-timey bathing suit.

There is also Absolut Peppar. That’s as in red pepper, not pepper and salt; though that could be coming next. Absolut also has a few flavors that seem to be made with the health-conscience drinker in mind.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka is not quite as flavor crazy as some competitors, but they do have Citron and Orange. Stranger varieties include Pear and Black Cherry.

Van Gogh Vodka

Van Gogh is reportedly top-line vodka, though they may be slumming’ it a bit with some of their 20 flavors. They have most of the standard berry and fruit flavors,


Belvedere positions its Polish-made vodka as the super premier vodka, for people who like vodka that is not just high quality, but also super. Their super line-up includes Grapefruit, Citrus, Raspberry, and Orange.

Three Olives

Three Olives is super-extra-especially-great premium vodka; They offer a huge line of flavored vodkas, and it’s surprising that they have not been charged with gearing their product towards children.

There is the Three Olives S’mores Vodka, Root Beer Vodka, Supercola Vodka, Chocolate Vodka, and Cake Vodka. Sounds like a sleepover birthday party! Then, there is Espresso Vodka for all the little girls who have a hangover the next morning.


Stoli is commonly known vodka, though a it’s a bit more of an everyman’s vodka than the others. Stoli has about a gazillion flavored vodkas; it’s as if they are trying to compete with soda manufacturers for the most varieties.

Then, Stoli has a few dessert vodkas that will blow vodka’s reputation as the diet alcohol right out of the water. There’s Chocolat Kokonut, Salted Karamel, and Chocolat Razberi. Sounds more like three varieties of candy bars, doesn’t it?

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