Officers Choice Whisky Price

Officers Choice Whisky Price – Cost – Review

The flagship brand, Officers Choice whisky by Kishore Chhabria's Allied Blenders and Distillersor shortly ABD, has develop into the highest-selling spirit brand in Andhra Pradesh, ahead of UB group's Bagpiper whisky. Andhra Pradesh is the largest spirit consuming state in India by sales above 40 million cases last monetary, accounts for concerning 20% of the 200-millon cases Indian spirit marketplace. Officer's Choice whisky popularly identified as 'OC' among its connoisseurs is appreciated and trusted by millions. A favorite in the midst of its customers; it?s now exported to 18 countries across the sphere.Officer's Choice get pleasure from a high status among its present consumers and the brand name stands for status, propriety, class and a sense of manage. The best growing Indian whisky brand is sturdily recognized and known by its exclusive Appellate.

The brand is now situated on the Rectitude platform with a baseline "Jagaiye Apne Andar Ka Officer". The new campaign fuels the needs and aspirations of a common man to continually do well and makes the right choices in life.

Officers Choice whisky price is very cheaper and reasonable. It is a perfect blend of Indian Malt Spirits and the best chosen Indian Neutral Spirit is a rare Whisky with the just right mixture of smoothness and contains an alcohol content of 42.8%.its available across India in nice-looking packs.

Officers Choice Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Officers Choice Whiskey 750ml Rs. 294.00
Officers Choice Whiskey 375ml Rs. 147.00
Officers Choice Whiskey 180ml Rs.71.00
Officers Choice Whiskey 90ml Rs. 46.00
Officers Choice Blue Whiskey 750ml Rs. 512.00
Officers Choice Blue Whiskey 180ml Rs. 124.00
Officers Choice Blue Whiskey 90ml Rs.69.00

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi

Officers Choice Deluxe Whiskey 180ml Rs. 60.00
Officers Choice Deluxe Whiskey 375ml Rs. 115.00
Officers Choice Deluxe Whiskey 500ml Rs. 155.00
Officers Choice Deluxe Whiskey 750ml Rs. 230.00
Officers Choice Blue Pure Grain Whiskey 180ml Rs. 70.00
Officers Choice Blue Pure Grain Whiskey 375ml Rs. 145.00
Officers Choice Blue Pure Grain Whiskey 750ml Rs. 290.00

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