old monk rum

Old Monk Rum – The favourite Rum

Old Monk Rum is an Indian manufactured dark rum launched in India in the year 1960 aged for the period of 7 years with 42.8% of alcohol content. It is said as old monk is one of the best selling rum in India when compared with McDowell’s rum. Old monk rum comes in 6 different variants like: Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk XXX Rum, Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum, OldMonk Deluxe XXX Rum, Old Monk White Rum and Old Monk Legend – Limited Edition. All these varieties are available in India in almost every city bars and liquor a stores, try the taste and I  am sure this will be one of your favourite drink.

Compared to other rums old monk is available at a very cheap price with superior quality. It is widely famous across other countries like UK, Russia, USA, UAE, Canada, Finland and many more countries.

old monk rum




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