Old Monk Supreme Rum Price - Cost - Review

Old Monk Supreme Rum Price – Cost – Review

Old Monk Supreme Rum is gorgeous Indian rum for a pleasant price. There are lots of good rums produced in the world, so why this one is so special? The main features of this label you will learn in our review.

This exquisite rum is manufactured by the company Mohan Meakin Limited, since 1855.This product doesn’t correspond to the common quality-price ratio. It’s a rare case when the premium class quality is much higher than its cost.

The drink has a pleasant to the eye natural dark honey colour. Old Monk Supreme Rum is unique Indian rum with a soft velvety texture. It is a favourite drink of an expert of high-quality alcohol for a reasonable price. Some consumers say that it smells like candy. This is partly true: the aroma contains rich caramel and spices flavours.

Old Monk Rum combines molasses, fruit and oak senses. In the taste of this drink there is also a noticeable vanilla flavour. Rum has an amazing chocolate after-taste. Light woody tones in its taste and aroma are acquired through the years of ageing in oak barrels. That is why Old Monk Supreme Rum is a drink of super-premium class.

Old Monk Rum is traditionally drunk both in a pure form and in cocktails recipes; the most famous of them is a cocktail with coke. Rum is also used as an ingredient for desserts and pastries.

For fans of strong drinks in different cities all around the world, Indian Old Monk Supreme Rum is a favourite one for a long time. Its bright, memorable taste can leave no one indifferent. If you will have the opportunity to taste this legendary drink, don’t miss it. Such an unusual, full and rich taste you won’t find in any other alcohol. This rum, without enhancement, is a true work of alcoholic art.

If you are interested, you can order legendary Indian Old Monk Supreme Rum at our website. You are going to love its taste, and an attractive price will be a nice addition.

Old Monk Supreme Rum Price - Cost - Review

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