Old Oak Whisky Price - Cost - Review

Old Oak Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Old Oak! The name suggests what history and the time can offer to make this hot, alcoholic drink ambrosia to thousands of people. The pale amber color of this heavenly drink would tell you more of what it can offer you throughout. This drink is so tasty and smooth that many people go for the brand worldwide.

Where does it come from? India is the country where its origin lies. Its woody, smoky taste is the result of the ingredients which are used in the distillation process. This blended variety of grainy alcohol is made by using malt, roasted oak chips and honey. Its unique crispy taste is one the major speciality of this whisky, it gives you smooth feeling after your sip. The additional taste of  oak with the hints of honey gives sweetness in the drink followed with long finish.

Whoever tastes this whisky, I am sure they might really feel to take one more peg of whisky. This is what the Old oak tempts everyone’s tongue.

A continuous distillation process is used to make it high quality liquor. Would you like to have a sip from this exotic variety? When you ‘nose’ it, you’d feel the enchanting aroma of this complex and classy liquor.

The alcohol percentage is 42.8%.Quite moderate. So, you wouldn’t feel exhausted. You’d enjoy the quality and the taste throughout. And after all, Old Oak Whisky Price is affordable. If you enjoy the great taste of Old Oakin a cocktail with your favorite fruit juices, it would make you feel better. Some people rate it with all the five stars as ‘a heavenly beverage that gives you the comfort under a huge old oak.’

These website reviews show how people crave Old Oak as ‘a life giver’. Really its great taste and the good looks would assure it to be a drink worth tasting at least once in your lifetime.


Old Oak Whisky Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Old Oak Whisky 180ml Rs. 323.00
Old Oak Whisky 375ml Rs. 667.00
Old Oak Whisky 750ml Rs. 1331.00

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