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Passport Scotch Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Passport Scotch Whisky is a blended Scotch whisky with a unique taste and a fruity, creamy finish. Its green, rectangular container provides Passport a clearly identifiable look among all other Scotch whiskies. It can be savored neat, over ice or like a long drink

Passport Scotch, also known as Passport Blended Scotch Whisky, is a brand

of whisky exported from Scotland by Seagram Distillers, PLC. Passport Scotch Whisky is familiar in the liquors stores in Europe and South American countries.

According to Classic Blended Scotch by Jim Murray, Passport is a blend of added flavoured highland malts amid lighter and sugary lowland whiskies, prepared at Seagram’s Speyside distilleries.

The appearance of the Passport Scotch whisky is amber gold adding with caramel colour. When you swirl up whisky in a glass, you will feel the smell of honest whisky with the cereal and honey sweetness with a woody touch. The flavor follows with the slight hint of peat ash giving you unwinds sweet with a moderate dry finish.

Passport Scotch whisky can be enjoyed neat with ice cubes or club soda. Those who prefer for cocktails, even they can try it up mixing with different cocktails or with juices like orange, lemon, watermelon.

The exacting blend utilized in Passport Scotch was first fashioned in the 1960s by Seagram’s master blender Jimmy Lang.

Passport Scotch whisky price has good value for money; it is very much cheaper than other scotch whiskies. The price matches exactly to the taste of the drink. So never leave a chance of trying Passport scotch, as it gives good taste for the perfect cost.

The fruity and creamy finish of the drink is amazing thing that makes you feel like having one more peg. The passion of drinking should be in such a way that drink, but do not get drunk! Have it in a proper manner so that you will really enjoy the drink everytime.
Passport Scotch Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Passport Scotch Whisky 750ml   Rs. 1290.00

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