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Pinky vodka Price – Cost – Review

 Pinky Vodka is produced in Sweden. The pink drink in a tall feminine bottle was a bit of marketing genius that has catapulted this drink to the position second bestselling duty free spirit in the world. It looks like your standard flavoured vodka but open this drink up, and it isn’t as it seems. There are some unique characteristics that set this flavoured vodka part from the pack.

The majority of flavoured vodkas are made with syrups. They are little more than artificial flavours stirred into the spirit. This vodka shows its class right from the get go. It is distilled five times from glacial water. Then they add slightly sweet winter wheat. The Swedes are not done yet Pinky is then hand blended with violets, rose petals, and ten other botanicals. That is a care you are not going to find in my bottles of vodka, and what a great conversation starter as you drink it with friends. Even with all the pampering this drink has received it is still quite a cheap spirit, and we expected it to carry a much higher price.

Pinky Vodka is a very clean prink, maybe something to do with the glacial water. You can taste all of the floral flavours. We don’t say this about many vodkas, but we could drink this straight, on the rocks, or from the bottle, and it would still go down smooth. If you were to mix it the quality taste of this beverage will compliment most mixers and cocktails, and the pink colour across a bit of style. Pinky will really compliment fruit juices with all its botanical flavours.

Most flavoured vodkas have alcohol content around 35%, and we expected something similar especially considering the pinkness. Pinky yet again surprises with an impressive 45% alcohol content. This is what you would expect from a non-flavoured vodka. It is even more impressive that the higher alcohol content doesn’t mask the flavours. This higher alcohol content ensures that Pinky will get the job done.

Pinky vodka is one of the best tasting vodkas you will taste and if you haven’t already, we recommend you try it.

Pinky vodka Price - Cost - Review

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