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Red Label Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky is one of the worlds best-selling Scotch Whisky. It is well-known for its daring, characterful flavour balanced to excel through still when assorted. It is a flavour, the Walker family has not at all compromised on. The Walker family utilized their encyclopaedic knowledge of Scotland’s malts to form a mix with worldwide petition. RED LABEL became the worlds favourite whisky, a place it tranquil holds now. It is developed for an export market with a savour for extended, energizing drinks, it is the brand that built the Walker Empire, and the brand that defined the whisky business. Blending is part art, part science,  it is a skill the Walker family developed over many generations. RED LABEL with its combination of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and dark, peaty whiskies from the west coast shaped a mix with an astonishing deepness of flavour. The tang travels right across your taste to bring a flavour experience no normal whisky can match. The nature of the whisky is defined by strong, spicy, zingy, jumpy flavours. RED LABEL ruptures on top of the palate by means of the freshness of scatter from a deafening wave, followed by the zing of fragrant spices and lastly a long, enduring, smoky finish. The impression in the mouth is multipart, sweet chilli, which is a good portrayal of this taste and the thickly feeling on the tongue. The story of  RED LABEL ongoing with the original vision of the Walker family. John Walker and his sons saw a chance to get their whisky distant beyond the limits of Scotland. They struggled to create RED LABEL the worlds favourite whisky and didn’t renounce until they attain that goal, becoming one of the worlds primary really worldwide brands.Alexander Walker formed the distinct square bottle in 1860, with a label aslant at exactly 24. In a world that predominately uses curved bottles, it shortly became the most recognized whisky globally. It is an iconic design intended for an iconic whisky.

The fearless merchants and engineers who place cruise from Scotland over 100 years back taking RED LABEL with them are liable for its quick growth in popularity universal. Like the Walker family once said, We sailed everywhere ship possibly will sail, a pioneering spirit that go on today. RED LABEL is enjoyed in a selection of ways worldwide  orderly, on the rocks or united with your favourite churn.

Red Label Whisky Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Red Label Whisky 4500ml Rs. 16336.00
Red Label Whisky 750ml Rs. 2100.00
Red Label Whisky 375ml Rs.1200.00
Red Label Whisky 350ml Rs. 835.00
Red Label Whisky 200ml Rs. 405.00
Red Label Whisky 50ml Rs. 200.00

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