Ricard Aperitif Anise whiskey Price – Cost – Review

Ricard Aperitif Anise Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Most of the people have a feel that whiskies are harmful to health; really not, it is good to health but should be taken in a proportionate manner, it is similar like taking medicines. I will reveal some facts about one of the fine French whisky named ‘Richard Aperitif Anise’ and I am sure after reading facts about this whisky you will feel like trying it.

French whiskies have unique taste compared to any other brands of the world. Ricard Aperitif is mainly prepared from the combination of herbs and spices of the Mediterranean regions, anise, Syrian licorice and some aromatic herbs of the Asian region. These herbs gives you cool menthol feel which you may not find with other whiskies, so it is named as Ricard Aperitif Anise Whisky. Ricard Aperitif is normally diluted with water before drinking.

Normally five volumes of water for one volume of Richard Aperitif to be served, this can be served with ice cubes, chilled water, and club soda as well. This drink is best suitable for the hot summer days to make you cool, you will good taste if you try with cola and crushed ice. You can also serve it in cocktails like mixing with juices like pomegranate, mint, grapefruit, mango, cranberry and strawberry which would add unique taste to your drink.

So now it’s a time had come for those who are far from whiskies, take a try on this drink. If you feel it is strong, go with the fruit cocktails and mix with it. If you are waiting to get cooled with the summer season, then take a bottle of Ricard Aperitif Anise Whisky and have a good start near the beach sides and get relaxed from the hot climate. And one more thing, if you think about the Ricard Aperitif Anise Whisky Price, it is very cheaper from other whiskies and comes within your budget.

This is a finest whisky you can try this without thinking. French drinks has unique tastes from other whiskies of the world.

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Ricard Aperitif Anise Whisky 750ml Rs. 2750.00
Price in different locations in India

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