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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Roberto Cavalli is Italian vodka which comes in a stylish bottle. Roberto Cavalli is the Italian designer who thought to sandblast the first set of jeans, and his vodka is the alcoholic fashion statement. “My vodka is like water and fire coming together in a single element,” Roberto Cavalli. This is a high end drink for those as concerned about how they look drinking it as the taste.

This grain vodka is crystal clear, and It comes in a breath taking bottle. The taste can wait we need to talk about this towering bottle. It is cloudy, except for at the base where a leopard print-esque design it made with clear spots. The brand, and we won’t kid ourselves this drink is all about the brand, is printed in the middle of the bottle. This is considered an ultra-premium vodka and it is priced quite high. You will pay a higher rate for this vodka, and it is costly drink.

Robert Cavalli is a grain based triple distilled vodka. This has given it a smooth, clean taste. Robert Cavalli performs well at spirit tasting events, although not as well as the majority of premium vodkas in the price range. Tasters still have nice things to say about it. There are grainy tastes, and it is a very clean drink. It does not perform well on the nose, but it finishes nicely.

There is a higher than average alcohol content of 45% in Roberto Cavalli Vodka. We would consider the average to be around 40% and 35% for flavoured vodkas. This increases the value of this drink, but it is still very costly even with this higher alcohol content factored in.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka price is high. If we are honest with ourselves this is due to the brand. It is a nice tasting vodka but not the best and if you buy this you see value in the brand. The expensive cost, means you are paying a higher rate for an ultra-premium drink. If that is what you are looking for then this is a high priced drink you should invest in.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka  Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Roberto Cavalli Vodka 750ml  Rs. 10383.00
Roberto Cavalli Vodka 50ml  Rs. 1824.00

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