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Rockford Reserve Whisky Price – Cost – Review

On the label of a bottle of Rockford Reserve whisky, ‘fine and rare’ is printed proudly. When you see the golden brown pigment of the liquid, from the oak of a barrel, and break the seal to smell the Scottish malt blended with Indian grain spirits, you start to believe it. This is a review. Rockford Reserve whisky cost, alcohol content and rate will be included. Quality is the Reason for Rockford Reserve Whiskies Cost The whisky shelves of India are in an interesting state. There are the local whiskies and expensive, foreign whiskies, but there is nothing in between. Rockford Reserve Whisky price aims to be the in between. It is priced around the entry level scotches, but there is so much more to this drink then that. “Right now, we are the most premium Indian whisky in the market,” says Umesh Modi. It is a hell of a thing to say, but it is the truth. Indian pride is in these bottles, a degree of romance, and a quality, which even the most pedantic drinker will recognise. This is a well-priced whisky. The further away from the subcontinent the more expensive the drink. It is a great deal nicer than the price suggests. The lower cost is mostly due to the market they are trying to dominate, but one can’t help but feel that if a bottle, of Rockford Reserve, had Scotch printed on the label it would price around 6000 INR. Pay the High Rate for Quality Mass produced whiskies saturate the market because they are cheap and easy to make. The lower cost carries a price of its own. Even the seasoned drinker, who long surrendered his taste buds to harsh spirits can’t help but cringe when he swigs a bottle of cheap spirits. This whisky is often made with molasses, but with none of the dignity of rum. They burn the throat, and drinking them is signing up for a brain smashing hangover tomorrow morning. The alcohol content of these whiskies is no higher than that of Rockford Reserve, but you are paying for quality. The alcohol content of Rockford Reserve whisky is 42.8% Rockford Reserve Whisky Worth the Price UmeshModi has done a lot to distinguish Rockford Reserve from the cheaper stuff. Before releasing Rockford Reserve UmeshModi put it through rigorous consumer testing over an 18-month period. They scraped their original blend. Going back to the drawing board and tweaking the blend, until they had the premium quality of Rockford Reserve whisky. They succeeded in producing a drink that was notably smooth, with a nice colour, aftertaste in the mouth, and not much of a hangover the next day. The company’s philosophy is all about the blend. “Packaging helps, but it eventually is about the blend,”says UmeshModi. This dedication to quality is reflected in the million dollars they invested in getting the taste just right. This is why you are paying a higher rate for this superior drink. Rockford Reserve Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi – New Delhi – Dwarka – South Delhi

Rockford Reserve Whisky 180ml   Rs. 210.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml   Rs. 420.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml   Rs. 840.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 1000ml   Rs. 1110.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 180ml   Rs. 185.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml   Rs. 375.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 750ml   Rs. 750.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 1000ml   Rs. 990.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jaipur – Jodhpur – Kota

Rockford Reserve Whisky 180ml   Rs. 233.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml   Rs. 465.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml   Rs. 929.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 180ml   Rs. 185.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml   Rs. 370.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 750ml   Rs. 733.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow – Kanpur – Ghaziabad

Rockford Reserve Whisky 180ml   Rs. 235.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml   Rs. 480.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml   Rs. 955.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 180ml   Rs. 190.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml   Rs. 390.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 750ml   Rs. 775.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in West Bengal – Kolkata – Asansol – Siliriguri

Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml  Rs. 1050.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 1000ml  Rs. 1375.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml  Rs. 500.00
Rockford Classic Whisky 750ml  Rs. 900.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry

Rockford Reserve Whisky 180ml  Rs. 220.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml  Rs. 440.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky 750ml  Rs. 875.00

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