Rockland Dark Red Rum Price

Rockland Dark Red Rum Price – Cost – Review

This is a Sri Lankan drink made to precision and naturally flavoured to satisfy you. The depth and its taste is incomparable, its body Jamaican body contains a stick combination of flavoured aroma, with bits of raisin cakes all combined in the tantalizing golden syrupy, dark chocolate.

How this liquor is made makes the whole difference from other brands?                                   It is distilled twice, flavoured in a variety of fruits among them is raspberry, the purely and naturally brewed liquor is then enriched with chocolate and syrup. This process has been the Rockland distillers’ ritual since year 1924, it has since then been many people’s favourite rum.

In India this drink is available in many stores, big bars and cafes in all cities, it is available in nearly any restaurant, at an incredible price. The Rockland Dark Red Rum cost is unbelievably low; it is rated among the low priced liquors despite its high quality.

Most reviewers compare this rum to the Indian Old Monk, a drink liked by all Indians. The Rockland Distillers have won many prizes many other product they produce among the white and premium Rockland Rum.

Tasters have noted that its deep flavour and unexpected taste are the most adorable characters of this rum. This drink is the Sri Lanka’s heritage, a product of the British colonials which have been kept on till to date. Because of its tantalizing and smooth lingering taste down the throat, it can be sipped direct or in cocktails and ice cubes.

Many cocktails are made using this liquor; among the recipes featuring this drink is the Pincolada. This cocktail is a combination of fruit greatness and its very is easy to make, you put rum 1.5oz, add a coconut milk or coconut cream juice pineapples about 1oz each. Blend in ice cubes and serve while cold to have fun.

Rockland Dark Red Rum Price - Cost - Review



Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Rockland Dark Red Rum 750ml Rs. 869.00
Rockland Dark Red Rum 180ml Rs. 201.00


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