Romanov Lemon Vodka Price – Cost – Review

We live in time when the price of the product has already stopped to be the standard of the quality. Day by day the customer tries to find new and unique goods. There are so many innovations were happened during this century that it looks like nothing can impress modern human. But let us try!

As you know, one of the most ancient alcoholic drinks is vodka. If you look at reviews in the alcoholic websites you can find a big variety of this vodka: with currant, exotic fruits and citrus. Vodka is one of the main components used for most of the famous alcoholic cocktails.

Romanov Lemon Vodka is exactly what will surprise you. It is appropriate for all events. It does not matter – if you have big company of friends, or decided to spent time with your relatives, or maybe you prefer to take rest after busy day alone – Romanov Lemon vodka can satisfy all your wishes. It is totally a party time drink and gives you complete enjoyment.

Be sure that everyone will give the highest rate for its beverage.  It is produced in the different sizes. The company is released bottles 750 ml, 375ml and 180 ml. Romanov Lemon Vodka price is not high, it is reasonable and can be affordable.

There is the question, how the producers could achieve so thin and delicate taste?

The recipe of Romanov Lemon vodka did not change with the time – this is the main secret of the manufacturer. This vodka undergoes three times distillation process, that makes the flavour so unique. The vodka was made with adding of lemon. The best thing of this vodka is, it tastes good when it is cold. So serve it with the chilled water and ice cubes.

This vodka is very popular in all over the world. You can find this drink in every city market. So it is not hard for you to find the drink.

The Vodka was named in honour of Romanov dynasty. They were the rulers of Russian Empire in last century. The time passes very fast but real values remain unchanged forever!

So, are you ready to gear up party tonight!! Then go ahead an start up with Romanov Lemon Vodka.

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

750ml Rs. 486.00
375ml Rs. 243.00
180ml Rs. 118.00

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