Romanov Red Vodka Price

Romanov Red Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Light, thin and fragrant – we can continue the list of the advantages of the Romanov Red vodka till endless. This is vodka is rather different from all other types.

The name of Romanov vodka came from Russia. It was named after the last king of Russian Empire – Nikolay Romanov. That is why the beverage has all rights to be called Aqua Regia. It has a delicate and refined taste. The drink is intended only for true connoisseurs of such type of alcohol.

Unique recipe of vodka gives it the right to occupy the highest rates among the vodka experts.

Romanov Red Vodka has a unique manufacturing technology. The producer takes care for every stage of it creation. The tipple goes through triple way of distillation. The recipe of the smooth taste of the vodka is strictly classified – perhaps the mystery is in the water. The vodka was made from the mineral aqua. But without any doubts the aroma of the tipple is so rich and cannot be compared with any others.

The price for the Romanov Red Vodka does not depend on the place where you buy it. It costs the same as at local shops or supermarkets as at alcohol websites.

This beverage does not require any advertising – the best commercial is the reviews of people. And this thing can make only happy lovers of this drink.

It does not matter you live in the crowded city or you prefer to live at the suburban. The main thing is that you should be personality. Romanov Red vodka is only for those who appreciate the life. It is a tipple for those who understand what he wants to achieve in future. It is not appropriate drink for cocktails – the only one way to feel the vodka is to drink it pure. Try it once and you will have never refused yourself in this enjoyment!

Romanov Red Vodka Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Romanov Red Vodka 750ml  Rs. 566.00
Romanov Red Vodka 375ml  Rs. 283.00
Romanov Red Vodka 180ml  Rs. 137.00

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