Ron Zacapa XO Rum price

Ron Zacapa XO Rum Price – Cost – Review

Ron Zacapa XO Rum is the choice of true gourmets and connoisseurs of high cost drinks of the premium class. It is really unique and elegant
Ron Zacapa XO Rum is a worth representative of the premium expensive rate rum collection, which was started in 1976. To the 100th anniversary of Zacapa city in Eastern Guatemala, a master blender Alejandro Burgaleta has created rum using a unique technology. Since then, drinks of the brand Zacapa wins at various International rum festivals. This drink is definitely worth its price.
Rum is characterized by its beautiful and noble deep amber colour, in which appear soft copper colour reflections when the sun shine falls on the bottle. This amazing effect achieves because of the unique technology Solera, which is used in the production of this rum. The aging of Solera rum takes place in bourbon or sherry barrels, which gives to Zacapa rum a deep color of mahogany tree and oak and toast flavors in the aroma.
The drink`s flavor is extremely smooth and deep, harmonious and velvety. It opens delicate nuances of ripe red and yellow fruit, peach pulp, thick honey, zest, tropical citrus, vanilla blossom, jasmine and grated coriander, tart oak, sweet and rare spices.
The taste of Ron Zacapa XO Rum is unimaginably deep and soft, a little bit dry and perfectly balanced, sensible fresh hints of yellow and red fruits ripe, pulp of tropical citrus, dark chocolate, fresh honey, rich caramel, bouquet of spring flowers, grated cinnamon and coriander, sweet vanilla, lime zest and some fragrant spices. The finish of this drink is extremely generous and pleasant with refreshing citrus flavor.
Ron Zacapa is a brand that can be used both neat in order to enjoy all the richness of its taste and in various cocktail recipes like “Mojito”, “Daiquiri” and others.
Don’t miss a chance to add this exquisite drink to your collection.

Ron Zacapa XO Rum Price - Cost - Review

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